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Victor W. Sparrow is Associate Professor of Acoustics in the Graduate Program in Acoustics, itself in the College of Engineering of the Pennsylvania State University. Much of the Acoustics Program is located in the PSU Applied Research Laboratory. Dr. Sparrow is also group leader for the Propagation and Radiation Group of the Center for Acoustics and Vibration in the College of Engineering. His work telephone number is (814) 865-3162. His fax number is (814) 865-3119. His best E-mail address is


Dr. Sparrow's research interests include all aspects of physical acoustics (including sonic booms), structural acoustics (including fuzzy structures), computational acoustics (including methods for computational thermoacoustics and computational aeroacoustics), and scientific visualization. If you are interested in these topics you may wish to look at some electronic copies of his published papers.


He enjoys the classroom environment and teaches specialized classes in computational acoustics and nonlinear acoustics. He is also participating in the development of a comprehensive set of computer based courses in noise control engineering. Some example contributions to the project are on-line.

During Fall 2002 he is teaching

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Dr. Sparrow enjoys producing Animations for Acoustics Education. Check them out! He also is looking forward to using Internet 2.

Dr. Sparrow is fortunate to work with a number of excellent graduate students. Some current students are Kent Gee, John MacGillivray, Mike Martinez, Debbie Sastrapradja, Brian Tuttle, and Pierre Viens. Some former students are John Beard, Reh-Lin Chen, Tom Gionfriddo, Tracie Ferguson, Dan Russell, Brian Katz, Wontak Kim, Judy Rochat, Rendell Torres, Yasushi Sudo, and Paul Zakelj.


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Want to hear a sparrow? (This requires your computer being capable of playing AU/ULAW sound files.) Well, actually this is what a sparrow sounds like with all of the high frequencies removed.

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