Graduate Program in Acoustics



  • Research Assistantships

Research assistantships support students as they work on their thesis or dissertation research. These assistantships, unlike teaching assistantships, are funded by outside sources such as the Applied Research Laboratory, the state or federal government, or a private company. No University general funds are used for research assistantships, and so the number available will vary from year to year. They are supervised by the faculty member who has obtained the funding from a particular agency for a given project. Consequently, the availability of funds for support of new students depends on the success the faculty has in obtaining research grants. Two years is considered to be the normal duration of a research assistantship for an M.S. student, while 3-4 years would be normal for Ph.D. students.

  • Teaching Assistantships

Due to the nature of the Graduate Program in Acoustics, the availability of teaching assistantships is extremely limited. Students supported by teaching assistantships are involved with duties such as teaching the undergraduate acoustics laboratory classes for non-majors, grading problems and exams for instructors, or helping with advanced acoustics laboratories. Legislation passed by the University Faculty Senate requires that all newly appointed teaching assistants participate in a teaching assistant training program unless they can provide evidence of successful prior teaching experience; and that all new international teaching assistants take and pass a test of spoken English.