Graduate Program in Acoustics


The Applied Science Building

Applied Scince Building

The Applied Science Building (ASB) is the house of the Graduate Program in Acoustics. It is located on the west side of Penn State's University Park campus in State College, Pennsylvania.

The ASB auditorium has a large seating capacity, used for many conferences and seminars. It is equipped with a video projection system capable of displaying VHS, DVD and computer workstation graphics and has an Internet connection. The setup is configured such that the classroom audio and video equipment can be relocated here.

This is the study lounge for acoustics graduate students. Lockers are provided for students and once a student begins work on a research project, a desk is usually assigned, typically within the specific research group.

A small lounge within the student area allows for some relaxation time between classes and work. This is the area where students usually take their lunch. It is also the location of the Acoustics Programs's main collection of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA).


Computational Facilities

The Acoustics Program has a large variety of computational facilities that are used for both research and classwork. Generally available are workstations and PCs. Most research groups have their own computing facilities as well. Facilities for projection of PC and workstation video exist in the Acoustics Classroom and the ARL Auditorium.

The Acoustics Teaching Lab is equipped with networked PCs for data/file sharing. The Acoustics Classroom is fully equipped with computer projection and audio/video facilities.


Workstation Facilities

  • HP 9000-720 with CRX24 graphics board, 96 MB of RAM, 4.3 Gb disk
  • 1 SUN workstation running SunOS running Ideas, SYSNOISE, Matlab, Mathematica, Tecplot and others.
  • Some of the Available Software: Raynoise, COMET/Acoustics, AVS, SYSNOISE, IDEAS, Matlab, Mathematica, Fortner Graphics (Plot and Transform), TeX.


PC Facilities

  • 7 PCs, Pentium-4 at 2.4Ghz, 512 MB RAM
  • Some of the Available Software: LabView, Mathematica, Matlab, Tecplot, AutoSEA, CATT Acoustics, MS Office, WordPerfect, X-Win clients, full suite of network clients, Linux Xwindows interface and other up-to-date software.
  • To setup an account and connect to the network at the ASB, please read our instructions and FAQ page


Other Facilities

In addition to the Acoustics Programs's facilities, the Penn State Center for Academic Computing (CAC) facilities can be used by all students. These facilities include the following clusters, which have Mathematica, IDEAS, and a variety of other engineering software packages:

  • Sun Sparcstations
  • SGI Indigos
  • IBM RS/6000s