Graduate Program in Acoustics


Paper Requirement

Capstone Paper

The Master of Engineering degree is based on graduate course work, but the candidate is also required to submit to the Acoustics Program Office a paper, which is the degree capstone. The paper is most easily understood as a scholarly written report or a developmental study involving at least 1 area represented in the course work. Normally, such a paper represents a study of a particular topic that is more limited than that necessary for a thesis. Often this paper can be developed from some previous work of the student such as a term paper or a technical report. The paper is free of any formal requirements of the Graduate School, but the Acoustics Program requires the student to use the Thesis Guide as an example of the appropriate format. The paper must be approved for its technical content and style by the student's advisor and for its format by the Acoustics Program Office. The report must be signed by the advisor and the Program Head. To meet Program requirements for graduation, each student must provide to the Program Office 1 bound copy of this paper for retention by the Program. Additional bound copies may be required by the advisor. The student must obtain binding specifications from the Acoustics Program Office before final preparation of the bound copy of the paper. All work for the degree, including acceptance of the paper, must be completed within 8 years from admission to the program.

As all M. Eng. papers must be placed in the public domain, if a student's work is funded wholly or in part by an employer, the student must fulfill the employer's internal proprietary requirements while meeting the Acoustics Program's requirement for public access to the paper. At least 1 copy of the paper must be submitted to the employee's supervisor. The student/employee must provide the Acoustics Program with a release of information, on company letterhead, from an authorized representative of the employer.